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Now there is a more effective tool to address the growing complexity and costs of Building Trades contract management. By streamlining EPR (Electronic Payroll Reporting), month-end documentation, and disaster recovery into a single integrated process, ISA’s new CMS Lite and Pro solutions deliver a more comprehensive, flexible, and powerful alternative to traditional EPR systems. Exactly what you’d expect from the company that’s been dedicated exclusively to the building Trades since 1997.

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"The software has automated many of our day to day job functions, and has improved the workflow in our office..."

– Local 349

".... I love the fact that we can track just about any data we want: paid through dates, total payment made, classifications, ages, work history, etc. Your system has made my job easier, much more efficient and the staff working here, much happier..."

– Local 340



Discover the CMS Difference

More Robust, Cost-Effective and Secure

CMS Lite is free with NEBF approval to any NECA Chapter who selects it as their primary reporting tool. CMS significantly increases your business productivity and effectiveness:

  • Less manual input from your staff. No more tedious re-keying.
  • No redundant paperwork. CMS Pro means fewer errors to start with, and less time lost catching and correcting initial input mistakes
  • Hard-cost savings from reduced paper, ink, and postage fees.

More Flexible and Integrated

Because CMS Lite and Pro integrate fully with your existing Microsoft Office and Intuit financial software, all communications can be sent both electronically and hard copy.

Easier To Learn, Easier Use

With seamless import of historic data, drop-down menus and field-specific Help always available, even novice users can learn CMS and become productive in just a few hours.

Upgrade to CMS Pro

CMS Pro creates a complete, integrated, and seamless all-electronic contract management solution. Because CMS Pro automates the entire contract management process—including full electronic Contractor input for monthly fringe reporting—you’ll never have to key-in another manual entry. And unlike competing systems, CMS Pro incurs no ongoing monthly charges.