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Electronic Payroll Reporting

PDF Feature Available Scheduling Feature for Apprenticeships

Member / Student Photos Integrate into Union Managerę

Sheet Metal International Deploys Test Managerę to JATC’s Throughout North America

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The ISA Leadership Team ensures that it's clients receive the highest level of quality in union management software as well as customer service. The internal staff of Integrated Software Applications, Inc. has over sixty-seven years combined experience in software development, management, training and business analysis.

Electronic Payroll Reporting (EPR’s)
A Major Time Saver and Elimination of Data Entry Errors on member payroll information.

ISA has developed an Electronic Payroll Reporting feature, based on local union dispatch records and contract rates. There is no other source available that will ensure the accuracy of the transmittals other than dispatch. With Union Managerę EPR, there is no hard copy dispatch that must be re-keyed by the Third Party Administrator (TPA) or the Local Union office. The contractor does not determine what contract or job classification a person was dispatched under. A blank transmittal is exported from Union Managerę to the employer. The employer saves time by simply clicking on a member’s name, entering total hours and gross pay for the month, and all funds are automatically created. Data entry errors are reduced because the correct rates are already applied. The employer then exports the completed EPR to the TPA, which distributes the funds. The TPA exports the completed EPR to the Local Union and JATC, which imports the information into Union Managerę. Staff no longer has to key in individual payroll records for every working member, every month. Its all done automatically for them with just a few clicks of the mouse, saving time and reducing errors.

PDF Feature Available
An Electronic Filing System for our customers.

ISA’s PDF Feature allows your staff to electronically attach and store letters generated through Union Managerę software. Letters and scanned documents are stored on the member or employer profile screen. Any letter generated through Union Managerę with the “Save Electronic Copy of Letter” option selected, will be electronically filed, saving many hours of staff time by avoiding having to make copies and inserting into the hard copy files (the most dreaded job in the office). These electronically stored documents can easily be retrieved and reprinted or emailed with just a few clicks of the mouse. This feature also allows your staff to choose between email and snail mail on mass mailings to your membership (or you can choose both).

Scheduling Feature for Apprenticeships 
A unique tool for scheduling and tracking classes Saves Time and Avoids Conflicts.

This exceptional scheduling feature offers a wide variety of options for the JATC. The JATC has the ability to maintain class schedules by Instructors, Students, Sessions, Locations, and the JATC itself. Conflicts are easily identified as well as instructor and student availability with a color key. Staff can assign students, enter grades and attendance, even produce mailings and print calendars to notify students and instructors of their class schedule.

Member / Student Photos Integrate Easily into Union Managerę.
ISA develops another unique, time saving instrument.

Easily attach your member or student’s picture to their own record within Union Managerę. Photos have had a place in Union Managerę for quite a while now, but with ISA continually striving to improve, our software developers have made this already simple task even easier and faster. A great tool for identifying members.

Sheet Metal International Deploys Test Managerę to JATC’s Throughout North America
The International Training Institute (ITI) of the Sheet Metal Workers International Association has purchased and deployed a copy of ISA’s Test Managerę software to every Sheet Metal JATC in North America. With over 170 offices nationwide, the Sheet Metal Industry is now training and testing their apprentices using ISA’s test generation software. The entire five year curriculum with over 600 exams and quizzes can be utilized by the instructor to create and then randomize unique exams. New tests can be created and uploaded to share with the International and other JATC’s. Importing new exams is so may think you missed something.



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