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Union Manager©
For the Local Unions
For the JATC Office
Test Manager©
Electronic Payroll Reporting
Electronic Filing

Union Manager for Locals

Union Manager Local© module, our core product, encompasses member, employer, dues, dispatch, grievance and market recovery management. The system allows ease of use in printing dues receipts, per capita, overdue letters and job referrals, as well as member labels and letters. Option to fully integrate with the EPR feature, the JATC and the Trust Fund modules.

Feature Overview:

  • Dues are defined and recorded in the system which easily allows the ability to impose charges if the member is late in paying dues
  • Standard and miscellaneous receipts are created and printed and a complete history is maintained
  • Basic member information including name, address, birth date, race, sex, emergency contact, and member picture can be tracked, as well as any item the user defines
  • A complete status and rate history by effective date for each member is tracked. This allows users to enter the newly negotiated rates prior to their effective date
  • Comments from a variety of sources including employers (on job comments), grievances and committees can be entered and viewed from the member screen
  • Tracking items can be defined and assigned to members or employers to track dates, license numbers, committees, contract renewal dates, bonds or any user defined requirement. Tracking items can be dates, numbers, text or logical (Yes/No) items. There is no limit on the number of tracking items associated with a member or employer. All tracking items can be reported on through one simple report
  • Job history is maintained in detail. A complete work history can be viewed or printed from the member screen as well as the employer screen
  • Sign in Books and Out of work Reports are tracked
  • Distinguish between long and short calls, reclassification and clearance job types
  • Printing of referral/dispatch slips and open job orders
  • Monthly charges can be defined and created (i.e. Jury Duty, Death Assessments)
  • A comprehensive grievance tracking and reporting system. Ability to report open grievances by business representative
  • An all inclusive market recovery system including printing of market recovery checks to employers
  • Ability to track which contracts an employer has signed and the pay/dues rates by job class
  • Employer profile and history of jobs, members and MPR's (optional)
  • Applicant verification items can be defined and reported on for ease in follow-up with applicants
Reporting Capabilities:
  • Daily Cash Receipts Report (Can be run by user)
  • Monthly Per Capita Report
  • Over-Due Membership Report and generation of letters and labels to members
  • Open Charges Report
  • Annual Member Tax Report of Dues paid
  • Open Job Orders
  • Members Out of Work List
  • Member Sign in Lists/Books
  • Member Grievance reporting
  • Member Master Report
  • Standard Receipts and Miscellaneous Receipts
  • Referral Slips and Termination Notices
  • Employer/Member Work Report
  • Market Recovery Awarded/Current Projects
  • Classification Summary


System features:

  • Printer output by user (allows each user to print to a specific printer) and report type (letter, label, receipt form)
  • User Security levels allows definition by user and screen (Guest User has read only access)
  • On line helpful hints, shortcut keys and field level help
  • Automatic database maintenance
  • Standard intuitive user interface and navigation throughout



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