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Integrated Software’s largest customer is National Inspection and Testing Corporation (NITC) in Los Angeles, CA. Our software automates the core certification processing functions performed by NITC for its 80,000+ associates. We are currently developing the on-line, Java-based continuity processing functions for NITC’s web site, which encompasses certification tracking for most of the United Association (UA) members in the United States and Canada.

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Feature Overview:

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  • Job history is maintained in detail. A complete work history can be viewed or printed from the member screen as well as the employer screen.
  • Sign in Books and Out of work Reports are tracked.
  • Distinguish between long and short calls, reclassification and clearance job types.
  • Printing of referral/dispatch slips and open job orders.
  • Custom letters can be created with Microsoft Word and then generated with labels for a group of members or employers.
  • Monthly charges can be defined and created (i.e. Jury Duty, Death Assessments).
  • A comprehensive grievance tracking and reporting system. Ability to report open grievances by business representative.
  • An all inclusive market recovery system including printing of market recovery checks to employers.
  • Ability to track which contracts an employer has signed and the pay/dues rates by job class.
  • Employer profile and history of jobs, members and MPR's (optional)
  • Applicant verification items can be defined and reported on for ease in follow up with applicants.
Reporting Capabilities including:
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System features:

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