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Electronic Payroll Reporting
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Union Manager© Electronic Payroll Reporting

"Wow! I've completed my monthly transmittals in 1/8th of the time! Thank you!"
Payroll Processing - Phoenix, AZ

The Electronic Payroll Reporting [EPR] Difference:

Dispatch records automatically generate EPR data - no duplicate data entry required
Hours are imported electronically - eliminates duplicate data errors and time required for manual input
Built in audit controls - eliminating the cost of manual audits
Dispatch defines the contract and job class that fund rates are based on resulting in accurate records

Union Manager EPR© Module is based on the dispatch records and contract rates. There is no other source available that will ensure the accuracy of the transmittals other than dispatch. With Union Manager EPR© Module, there is no hard copy dispatch that must be re-keyed by the TPA. The contractor is not required to determine what contract or job classification a person was dispatched under.

  • Each time a contract's rates change, a history record is created
  • Each time a member is dispatched the EPR is updated
  • Whether a member is re-rated from one apprentice period to another, or a member is dispatched under a different contract or job classification, the EPR data reflects the dispatch history

Ease of Use:
  • Contractors' hours and gross pay are directly entered into the system from their payroll reports
  • Locals may require a copy of the latest page of the payroll report for balancing
  • Most Locals' simply email the EPR with a brief set of instructions the first month. No training is required for the contractors!

Reporting Benefits:
  • Identify members currently dispatched but no hours received on transmittals
  • Identify members working but not cleared in through hall
  • Identify members terminated but hours were received
  • Variance reporting on variable employee contributions (401k, VEBA, Vacation)
  • Average pay rate by classification which identifies potential classification and pay scale issues
  • Ability for JATCs to automatically compare OJT hours to actual payroll hours

Union Manager EPR© Module is based on your Local's negotiated contracts and dispatch records
  • All funds are calculated for the contractor and a second level audit is automatically completed when the transmittal is received and imported
  • Audit costs to the contractor, Third Party Administrator and Local are reduced
  • Members with payroll hours reported not cleared in with the hall are easily identified
  • Accurate work reports are produced based on the ability of the contractors to enter termination dates on the EPR
  • Members' voluntary selections are validated to ensure the correct fund rates are withheld (401k, VEBA, Vacation)
  • When contract rates change, the EPR will ensure the new funds are correctly submitted



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