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Union Manager©
Test Manager©
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Test Manager© Test Generation

Integrated Software Applications' Test Manager© allows for the ability to easily create, manage, and maintain all aspects of the apprenticeship testing process.

Designed with business processes in mind, the Test Manager© module  integrates seamlessly with ISA's Union Manager JATC© module.

  • Printer output by user (allows each user to print to a specific printer)
  • User Security levels allows definition by user and screen. (Guest User has read only access)
  • On line helpful hints, shortcut keys and field level help
  • Standard intuitive user interface and navigation throughout


System features:

  • Choose from multiple types of questions: Fill in the blank, Multiple Choice, True/False, Matching, Essay, and Short Answer
  • Ability to randomize both questions and answers
  • Produce tests matching user-defined criteria
  • Import questions and answers from other JATC's
  • Print diagrams and CAD drawings on your test
  • Produce separate answer-only key
  • Review and selectively import questions and diagrams from other Instructors and JATC's
  • Produce multiple randomized versions of the same test
  • Search for questions containing user-specified keywords
  • Searchable, on-line help file accessible from within application
  • User-defined difficulty levels, sources, modules, groups and units
  • Output to Microsoft Word








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